Staying clear of the stomach bug

Seems like everyone is suffering from a stomach bug at the moment. We’ve been attacked from two fronts this winter, from school and from little man’s nursery. This year’s NoroVirus seems to be particularly stubborn, there are tales of classmates throwing up in the lunch room, in the classroom and well everywhere basically, and there’s been a steady stream of parents collecting their ill children.
This is the first year we’ve managed to stay away from the horror (wood wood!!)
The intake of White pepper corns have saved us!
The Noro Virus is very very common in Sweden due to the cold weather, the virus doesn’t fall to the ground, but instead stays in the air due to the colder air. Anyway, according to an old wife’s tale you should swallow 7 white peppercorns if you want to avoid the gastric flu. People in Sweden swear by it and it seems to work! This has to be taken as soon as the virus is lurking about but before the bug is in your system -after that it’s already to late. The 7-year old swallowed all seven pepper corns without complaint, but the little 3-year-old could not resist chewing …(OMG! he would have called an ambulance if he knew the number).

White Pepper

We also take a homeopathy concoction from Ainsworth called “Viral Gastroenteritis Co”.

If your kids constantly get sick, a good thing (apart from the obvious one, washing  hands) -is to change their clothes as soon as they get home from school or nursery. Germs are sticky like rice (no, not that poor excuse from Uncle Ben, but the proper stuff) and can stick to clothes for hours. What! More laundry???!!! Yes I’m afraid so…


5 thoughts on “Staying clear of the stomach bug

  1. Hi there,
    How old would you recommend the little ones to be before doing a thing like this? My little one is 16 months and there is a nasty gastro going around 😣

    1. Hi Anna, sorry didn’t see this comment before! It could be quite tricky to get her to swallow the pepper corns but kids are never to young for homeopathy, so I would definitely get something made up for you, I use Ainsworth here in London, you can call them and I think they can send it if you are not in the area here is there wedsite:

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