Pretty Pink



Salt of the Earth


Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is not just pretty it’s incredibly good for you to!!
Salt healthy? Yes, all salts are not equal the common table salt has absolutely nothing in common with original unrefined crystal salt, well exept for the taste I suppose.
Ordinary cooking salt has been chemically cleansed & heated, only 2-3  elements survive whereas Himalayan Crystal Salt is bursting with all the 84 minerals the body depends on AND it’s easily digested to boot. Whats not to love? Sure, slightly more expensive, but all worth it.
My kids are complete salt freaks and I have a small salt mill with pink salt in my handbag (omg if you saw the inside of my bag, such a shocker, but the outside is still pretty smart!)
Just changing the salt you use in your everyday cooking can make a huge difference to your health. 

Think Pink!

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